VCF Midwest 18 Schedule
The talks will be held downstairs this year...look for the signs!

9:00VCFMWSHOW OPEN!Fun beginning.
Richard Thomson
What's Inside a Terminal? A Comparison of ArchitecturesTerminals were the main user interface for interactive computing throughout the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and into the 1990s. Eventually the personal computer or workstation displaced the terminal as the 'face' of the computers we use. What's inside a terminal and how does it work? In this talk we'll look at the internal architecture of several different CRT terminals: the Beehive B100, the DEC VT100 and the HP 2648A. Well look at how these terminals are different as well as their similarities. We'll ask the question 'How does a terminal differ from a microcomputer?' and provide some reasonable answers.
11:00Scott Swazey and Fritz MuellerThe restoration of a GT40 to play lunar lander2023 is the 50th anniversary of the DEC GT40 version of Lunar Lander, which is why Scott and Fritz decided to repair restore a DEC GT40 graphic terminal that plays the original lunar lander game. Also presented will be the work on an FPGA re-creation of the GT 40 hardware. Both systems will be on display in the demo room.
12:00Bistro CLunchtime!Chow down locally and please our hosts.
13:30LGR, 8-Bit Guy, Adrian's Digital Basement, Computer Clan, The Serial Port and...more?YouTube Discussion PanelThe last decade has seen a new venue for exhibiting and exploring vintage computing in the form of YouTube. There are tens of thousands of videos covering vintahe computing history, gaming, and repair. This panel will host a discussion between the operators of some of the largest such channels, including The 8-Bit Guy, LGR, Computer Clan, Andrian's Digital Basement and more.
15:00Your VCFMW StaffHall closed for auction setupMoving things around.
16:00Silent700 and FriendsThe Fabulous VCFMW AuctionThis is a big part of how we fund this thing.
19:00Bistro CDinnertime!Chow down locally and please our hosts.
Eric's Edge
HyperCard Authoring and ProgrammingEric and Ron, of Ron's Computer Videos, will present an introduction to HyperCard. We'll explain what all the hype was about when it was introduced and attempt to answer the question: What's so interesting about a forty year old programming environment today?
Agenda includes:
- A short history of HyperCard
- Introduction to Authoring & Programming in HyperTalk
- Interesting HyperCard Stacks & Resources
- Q&A
21:00Ron McAdamsCollecting Macintosh PowerBook Computers Is For EVERYONE!Join Ron (Ron's Computer Videos) and Steve (Mac84) for a discussion of getting started collecting Apple's original line of portable computers - the 1xx Series PowerBook! Ron and Steve will cover evaluating machines for purchase, required repairs, and must-have upgrades
22:00VCFMWSHOW CLOSED!Fun on hold.
10:00VCFMWSHOW OPEN!Fun resumes.
11:00joe_zA Crash Course on Moving Big IronTips, tricks, and planning guidance for moving large vintage computing equipment (in excess of one rack or cabinet) brought to you by VCFMW's own Director of Telecommunications
12:00Bistro CLunchtime!One last go at the Bistro
13:00Ken Van MersbergenImagic: Triumph to TragedyThe history of Imagic, the second third party software publisher: Their successes and their ultimate failure, with a spotlight all of the products and platforms they supported.
14:00Keith HenricksonOrigins of QuantumLink ReloadedThe original reverse engineering effort that became QuantumLink Reloaded and how how the effort progressed from understanding the BASIC modem dialer to the ML service code. A walk people through where the original clues were found that gave a roadmap into a very complicated piece of code. Even some ideas for enhancements for the future could be presented. I will try and reach out to some of the other people that contributed invaluable information toward that effort, and many hours of work in creating stable servers which run to this day.
15:00VCFMWTime to start tearing down!No really we need to pack it up...
16:00VCFMWSee you next year :'(Fun is over

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