Call For Presentations

VCFMW is now accepting proposals for presentations! Want to explain an obscure part of computing history? Show off your latest repair or homebrew project? Debate whether the IBM PC 5150 was an 8-bit or 16-bit system? VCFMW sees more than two thousand vintage computing fans every show, so we might have the right audience for your topic!

If you're interested in giving a talk, please submit a proposal to our esteemed planning committee with the following information:

A short paragraph as an Abstract (plaintext, but can include URLs)

Preferred Time Slot
Saturday morning, afternoon, or evening; Sunday morning or afternoon

How you'd like to be credited
Real name or handle/alias

A URL (if applicable) with more information about you or your topic

The only requirements we have for presentations are that they be related to the field and hobby of vintage computing, that they fit into a half hour or hour-long time slot, and that they be appropriate for all ages (no profanity, etc.)

The deadline for submitting your proposals is July 31st, 2024. Accepted proposals will be chosen a few days later, with presenters notified via email.

Disclaimer: There is a limited selection of slots available for presentations, so we can't always accommodate everyone's requests. Selection of proposals is at the discretion of VCFMW organizing staff.

Last Update: 6/7/2024